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Pupils are provided with factual information and afforded the opportunity to examine their own and others’ attitudes and values and then to make informed decisions. The pupils need to become aware of the consequences of their actions and also to become aware of their own sexuality.


Educational: exploring ideas and concepts and gaining knowledge and information


Pastoral: clarifying attitudes and values, becoming aware of differing views on sexuality, identifying and using support, development of self-esteem and responsibility


Social: moral, ethical, religious and legal dimensions and outreaching to parents and community


Preventative: unfulfilling relationships, unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections


Sex Education is taught as part of the PSHE programme and is also an integral part of Biology lessons.


The following modules are included:

  • Physical changes, puberty

  • Human Reproduction and Development; contraception

  • Personal decisions; emotional development

  • Sex and the law

  • Relationships; contraception; sexual diseases


Audiovisual aids are used by experienced and confident teachers. External agencies including visiting speakers approved by Ynys Mon Education Authority.


To summarise

Sex Education needs to be taught in such a way that due regard is given to parental co-operation; sensitivity to background, careful planning and the importance of a moral framework.

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