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Religious Education is an integral part of the School’s Curriculum. The courses reflect the local community of the School. 


According to the 1988 Education Act, Religious Education is a statutory subject for every pupil in the School. A unique opportunity is given to learn about the six major world religions with the main emphasis on Christianity. The School is non-denominational and this is reflected in the Religious Education courses. Many interesting aspects of each religion are studied and discussed including founders, festivals and celebrations, rites of passage, holy books, places of worship etc. There is also an opportunity to discuss humanist, atheist and agnostic beliefs. The aims of the courses are to demonstrate that religion is a way of life, as well as promoting respect and tolerance towards others. You have the right to request that your child is removed wholly or partly from religious education or collective worship. Please contact the head of year if you wish to discuss alternative arrangements for religious education.

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