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Key Stage 3 Ambassadors


YUC Ambassadors

The Ambassador Logo designed by Jack Berry-Cuffin

What is the
Ambassador Programme?

The Ambassador Programme aims to encourage pupils to take an active role in implementing changes and making decisions at Key Stage 3 (KS3). The Ambassador programme will link KS3 students to 6th Form Prefects, Teachers, Senior Leaders and their peers.

The aim of the programme is to give KS3 students the opportunity to develop their decision making, time management and leadership skills through attending meetings, discussing relevant issues and ideas and even shadowing members of our Prefect team.

To become an Ambassador, pupils first need to put forward an application in the form of one A4 piece of paper detailing why they feel they should be considered to be a Key Stage 3 Ambassador. Successful applicants then take up the role as Ambassadors.

Applications should be made for the attention of Mr Griffiths and handed in to Ystafell Pawb.


Please use the following questions to prompt your application.

  1. Why do you want be an ambassador?

  2. Why do you think you will be a good ambassador?

  3. What changes would you like to help make happen?

What do the
Ambassadors do?

As Ambassadors you will:

  • Have regular meetings with Mr Griffiths to discuss new ideas for the school.

  • Be on hand to help with extra-curricular activities.

  • Be available for Departments to call upon and help with a task.

  • Be expected to be positive role-models for pupils throughout the school.

  • Be part of a new team that has already contributed to the House system here at YUC.

  • Improve your social skills be talking to other pupils and asking their opinions on matters.

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