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What do we offer our pupils at YUC?


Ystafell Pawb

Ystafell Pawb is a central base and pupil reception in the heart of the school for pupils to report to should they need any support and guidance. All members of the inclusion team are based there meaning that there is always someone on hand to offer support. The restorative practice meeting room is next door to Ystafell Pawb as is the counselling room. Time out cards are monitored from Ystafell Pawb and pupils requiring first aid can report to Ystafell Pawb also. Ystafell Pawb also has a shop where pupils can purchase stationery and school ties should they need to.



Situated next door to Ystafell Pawb, Pwyllfan is a quiet room for pupils to access if they are finding the school day particularly challenging.  It offers a safe space to pupils who have disengaged from the school community or find themselves in a crisis situation, to support them to improve their attitudes to learning, their behaviour and their ability to learn.

The impact of the Pwyllfan is to reduce referrals and improve pupil engagement in the school environment. It is a safe space for pupils to self-express any negative emotions in a controlled and dignified manner.

Many pupils arrive in the Pwyllfan with dysregulated emotions that is not conducive to learning. Following a period of reflection, in a calm and purposeful environment, pupils leave Pwyllfan ready to re-join the school community and engage in learning.



Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief peer-group education programme for young people aged 6-18 years. It is based on the belief that change, loss and grief are normal and valuable parts of life. It aims to produce a sense of resilience, personal growth and acceptance of change in people’s lives.



NET - Non Exclusion Teaching


Set up in 2016 the school’s vision was to provide a secure base for pupils who need extra support in an alternative space to the classroom. The aim of The Net is to support and encourage pupils so that they feel able to attend their lessons and participate fully in school life. Reasons for using The Net vary greatly but, amongst others, have included bereavement, family breakdown, attendance issues and emotional problems.


Use of The Net may be on a short term intervention or a long term plan but all pupils have to follow a referral procedure as part of their Pastoral Support Plan or Individual Development Plan. The NET works with these pupils to support and integrate them back into their lessons. The maximum capacity for the NET is 12 pupils however it is very rare that it reaches full capacity at any one time.


Staffed by an experienced teacher and learning support assistant at all times pupils using The Net are expected to complete work set by their teachers, but also have the opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns that they may have.

In addition to the core qualifications; The Prince's Trust, Agored Cymru Personal Social Education, Financial Literacy and the Literacy and Numeracy framework is offered to those pupils who study in the NET.

The NET provides a vibrant, comfortable, warm and welcoming environment in which pupils feel a huge sense of belonging and self-worth. Pupils who are educated in the NET are still very much part of the school community which in turn provides an effective means of re-engaging these pupils who perhaps may have been reluctant beforehand. The NET undoubtedly motivates them and improves their attitudes to learning.


Talkabout is a social skills programme that develops pupils’ self-awareness, self-esteem, body language, conversation, friendship and assertiveness. The school offers different Talkabout sessions in different year groups. Year 7 follow Talkabout for Teenagers, Year 8 follow Talkabout Sex and Relationships (Book 1), Year 9 follow Talkabout Sex and Relationships (Book 2) and Key Stage 4 follow Talkabout building Self Esteem and Relationship skills, Talkabout education to employment and Adult Self Esteem and awareness.

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