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Pastoral Care

The safety and wellbeing of all our pupils is paramount. All staff take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual, in respecting them for the unique qualities they bring to our community and helping them to become the very best version of themselves that they can be. A great deal has been done over the years to ensure that our pastoral provision that provides pupils with a sense of belonging to a supportive, nurturing and aspiring community.


We believe that we have carefully designed an effective system of pastoral care and support which complements our aim to bring out the best in everyone. We hope to: 


  • Enable each pupil to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially.

  • Ensure that each pupil has access to personal, vocational and academic guidance and support where necessary.

  • Provide opportunities for and encourage pupils to exercise social responsibility.

  • Promote in pupils the self-awareness and self-confidence that they need to face the tough challenges, both academic and personal, that are placed on them.

  • Provide opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development.

  • Establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with every parent, so that together we can help to prepare the pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

  • Help to prevent problems both personal and academic from arising - Good Pastoral Care acts as a fence at the top of the cliff rather than simply providing the ambulance at the bottom.

  • Create a caring and loyal environment where pupils are valued for who they are, not just for what they can do.

Ystafell Pawb

Set up in 2016 Ystafell Pawb is a central base and pupil reception in the heart of the school for pupils to report should they need any support and guidance. All members of the inclusion team are based in Ystafell Pawb meaning that there is always someone on hand to offer support. The restorative practice meeting room is next door to Ystafell Pawb as is the counselling room. Time out cards are monitored from Ystafell Pawb and pupils requiring first aid can report to Ystafell Pawb also. Ystafell Pawb also has a shop where pupils can purchase stationary and school ties should they need to. 

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