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If you're reading this sentence, then you're interested in a YUC Chromebook! That's great, because we can give you one! Please make sure that you've read through this whole webpage and that you're aware of what you need to do. if you don't, you may not be provided a chromebook.

Why are we being offered a Chromebook?


There's a long version of this story where we could tell you about funding, grants, the coronavirus pandemic and overall access to the internet in pupil homes.... but we all know about covid-19, and i think we've heard enough! So the short story is this ... :)

Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi is moving with the the times. We're proud to offer each and every child in Years 7 & 8 a Chromebook to make sure that you can access the online teaching material from school and at home. At all times!

What do I need to do?


To get your hands on a YUC Chromebook you will need to do all of the following things:

1) Read the Chromebook Contract carefully. You and your parent/guardian will need to sign it before you are allowed a Chromebook.

2) Read through the 'How to help your chromebook live longer!' PowerPoint at the bottom of this page.

3) Return the Chromebook Contract or fill it out online (Link at the bottom of this page).

NOTE* if you do not read through the contract carefully, you may not be aware of very important information that could see your chromebook being removed by the school.

Important Documents


How to help your chromebook live longer!

Chromebook Contract Online form

Chromebook Contract

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