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The Appeals Process

Learners’ grades for summer 2021 are based on Centre Determined Grades. The grade is a holistic judgement based on the balance of evidence that demonstrates the learner’s level of attainment. As with other processes this year, the appeals process is an exceptional arrangement resulting from the cancellation of examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Learners may request a centre review and subsequent appeal to WJEC where they believe an error has been made in determining their grade. Learners must state clearly where they consider an error has been made. As grades are awarded based on a holistic judgement underpinned by evidence, there is no review of marking or reviews of moderation service in summer 2021. The focus is on the holistic grading judgement rather than the marking of individual assessments.

  1. There are three stages to the process:
    Stage 1 Centre review (pre-results)
    Stage 2 Appeal to WJEC (post results)
    Stage 3 Qualifications Wales Exam Procedures Review Service (EPRS)

Stage 1
The Centre Review


Requesting a Centre Review

If you believe there has been an error you can request a centre review.

Under the current WJEC guidelines the grounds for centre reviews are:

  • Administrative errors
  • Procedural errors

  • Judgements in determining the grade

You have until 9am on Thursday 1st July to request a Centre Review which must be registered via email ( using the Centre Review and Appeals Form which is available below.


You will need to explain what error you believe has been made.

During this review process, your grade could go up or down, or remain the same. 

Stage 2

Requesting a Centre Review

If you still think there is an error in your grade after the centre review has been completed, you can consider whether to submit an appeal to WJEC.

  • The appeal to WJEC must be submitted by the school on your behalf. However, you are responsible for completing the forms and outlining why you are appealing – we will send the form to WJEC for you.

You can ask the school to submit an appeal to WJEC if you think that:


  • the school did not follow the correct process in working out your grade;

  • the judgement made by your school on your grade is unreasonable

  • WJEC or your school made a processing error.

Before deciding whether to submit an appeal to WJEC, you can ask to see the assessment evidence that your school based their decision on.

The outcome of an appeal could mean your grade stays the same, or it could go up, or it could go down.

Appeals must be submitted to WJEC in the following timeframes:

Screenshot 2021-06-22 at 08.57.29.png

What is unreasonable academic judgement?


This year, every school and college is responsible for determining grades for their learners. Each school and college has the flexibility to decide how best to assess their learners, and how they use that assessment evidence to make a decision on each learner’s grade. Your school or college will balance the range of evidence to make a decision about the grade that best represents your work.

WJEC can only look at the evidence your school or college has considered and the reason for the grade noted in the decision-making record. It will then judge whether the grade given to you is reasonable or unreasonable. It will not re-mark assessments.

The grade would be considered unreasonable if the evidence or rationale used by your school or college does not support the grade that has been awarded at all. WJEC reviewers are unlikely to be able to decide that a change to one grade below or one grade above your grade would be more correct. For example, if the WJEC decision-maker for the appeal feels that the evidence could support either a grade D or a grade C, then they could not say that giving you a grade D was unreasonable.

If WJEC finds that a grade is unreasonable, it will award a new grade that they consider best reflects the evidence they have seen.

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