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Our sixth form offers a warm welcome and friendly working environment.


Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi is currently the second-largest 6th form on Anglesey. We participate in a shared provision model with all the other secondary school on Anglesey. This means we can offer a host of partnership courses that pupils can access across 5 secondary schools. All schools are able to offer pupils access to experienced A' Level teachers and bilingual teaching. 


We are able to offer a wide curriculum and a variety of experiences and often solve the problem of a clash in your option choices by providing you with the opportunity to go to another school to study a course. You can find the list of courses available to you in the Consortium's prospectus which is published each year and is available from the Head of 6th form. Advice and guidance are also readily available from teachers and tutors. Our aim is to enable students to develop academically, vocationally, personally and socially, and to become mature, responsible, bilingual citizens.


Over the years, our Sixth Form students have brought distinction to the school in a wide range of fields. We expect every student to be committed to their studies, to promote the Welsh ethos of the school, to be responsible young leaders within the pupil community and to enjoy the new experiences available in the sixth form. 


YR 12

On entry into the sixth form, every pupil is provided with a review date around January in order to provide enough evidence to judge whether a pupil has the correct attitude and mindset for 6th form studies. If the commitment is not evident then the Headteacher will make a decision whether the pupil is invited to continue in our 6th form.


The Head of 6th form will continually monitor a pupils progress over the two years. If the performance of a pupil causes teachers concern Mr Taylor will coordinate a parental meeting to discuss their future or set measurable targets for the pupil to improve.

Contact: Head of 6th Form - Mr Steffan Taylor 



The current academic entry requirement for 6th form study is a minimum of 5 GCSE qualifications at grade C or above. This criteria is subject to change and is reviewed annually. For some subjects there may be specific requirements of having studied the Higher Tier GCSE course. In order to study a subject at AS level in Y12, you must have achieved a minimum of a C grade in the subject, if it was studied at GCSE.


Further information and advice about subject requirements will be available at the sixth form open evening which takes place in November of Year 11.


Entry to the 6th form is not automatic but is an application process. Attaining a place is dependent on pupils having consistently demonstrated high standards of attitude, conduct, attendance and punctuality whilst in Key Stage 4.

The Welsh Baccalaureate is based on a Skills Challenge Certificate, which will be graded, and supporting qualifications. The requirements of both the Skills Challenge Certificate and Supporting Qualifications must be met in order to achieve the overarching Welsh Baccalaureate.


The primary aim is to enable learners to develop and demonstrate an understanding of and proficiency in essential and employability skills; students gain experiences that better prepares them for Higher Education and employment.


You will have the opportunity to:-

  • Work with employers

  • Develop entrepreneurial skills

  • Participate in a community activity

  • Work independently

  • Gain in confidence

  • Strengthen their literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills


The Welsh Baccalaureate is delivered through:-

  • BAC lessons

  • Contributions by guest speakers

  • Skills days and activities

  • Activities week during the summer term

The emphasis is on applied and purposeful learning and to provide opportunities for assessment in a range of real life context through three Challenge Briefs and an Individual Project. Each student will be supported by a personal tutor and will have access to a resource room to complete their work.



The school is prepared to release Year 12 and 13 students to partake in voluntary work or to gain relevant experience. Naturally this can only take place during non-contact time and on one morning/afternoon per week. Universities prefer students who have looked for and experienced a variety of opportunities. This will help your case immensely.


In our modern, high-speed world of computers, Internet and E-mail, those who can handle the technology to find and use information effectively have a distinct advantage. The school encourages all sixth formers to bring their own devices to school but continues to develop its own IT facilities. Recently significant development has taken place to provide fast and reliable broadband to our school to support our intentions of developing the school into a wireless community. 


Students in Year 12/13 build upon the range of ICT modules experienced in Years 7-11 and you should become increasingly confident in their use of computers. You are encouraged to make full use of technology to research information on the Internet to use text, images or graphics in desk-top publishing packages to enhance the presentation of your coursework. You are encouraged to  submit your work electronically on shared drives within HWB as much as possible.


Careers Education and Guidance is a continuous process in the career development of all students and it is important for you to maintain in close contact with the Head of 6th form during the two years.


Information on all courses in Colleges of Higher Education and Universities is available in the prospectus of each institution in the Careers Centre. In addition, there is information about training, Apprenticeships and job opportunities locally and nationally. The Careers Company publish a book on all post 17 options


There is a special emphasis on individual counselling and we offer assistance, advice and careers information to all members of Years 12 and 13 and the careers room, 115 is open at all times.

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6th Form Courses


When you’ve decided to study sport and want to keep your future career options open, this could be the course for you. You’ll learn everything from physiology and anatomy to nutrition and fitness testing. The only decision you’ll be left to make is your next career move or whether you’ll go to university. 


BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Sports Coaching and Development 


There are seven mandatory units, all of which are internally assessed. Learners must achieve a Pass or above in all mandatory units. 


Learners must complete at least five optional units.